Intro Package & FAQ

We know starting anything new can be challenging, but even more so with exercise. 

We’re here to help and would love to chat with you about your needs and goal. 

Please feel free to call us at  510-379-9948  and speak with a Pilates expert to assess your goals and find the right appointment time and teacher to help you achieve them. 

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Introductory Offer:


3 Semi-Private Sessions


60 day expiration

3 Virtual Classes:


30 day expiration

Pilates FAQ.

What the heck is Pilates anyway?

Pilates (Pah-la-teez) is a full body conditioning program that focuses on developing strong core muscles. The "core muscles” are those that support your spine and wrap around your torso and hips. The brilliance of strong core is that it also supports a more mobile and supported spine, thus eliminating many aches and potential injuries. In addition, Pilates can improve posture and increase overall strength, flexibility and balance, and mental focus.

Our teachers use specific Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair and Ladder Barrel) or Pilates Matwork exercises to strengthen your core, improve balance, increase coordination and thusly often decrease stress.

Pilates is safe, low impact and appropriate for anyone from age 10 to 100. In fact, Pilates is so biomechnically sound that (with your doctor’s permission) Pilates can be safely practiced by those with orthopedic conditions as well as during pregnancy.

Sessions are private (one-on-one) appointments to ensure that you’re safe in our space, moving in a serene environment and have the full attention of your teacher. 

Why is “Pilates” called “Pilates”?

Because of Joe! Joseph Pilates is the creator of the work we love and teach. We invite you take one of our Foundations of Pilates workshops to learn more about the history of Pilates. Mr. Joe Pilates was quite a character and his story is both entertaining and inspirational to say the least. 

How long does it take to see results?

Joseph Pilates said it best:

  • After 10 sessions you’ll notice a difference . . .

  • after 20 sessions others will notice . . .

  • after 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body!

However, each client is different and your individual progress will depend on several factors such as your current fitness level, any existing injuries, other activities you participate in, and of course, your diet. But typically, you will notice improved body awareness, begin to learn to activate muscles that have been inactive and improve your postural awareness in your first few sessions. By 10 to 15 sessions, most clients feel significant positive changes in their bodies. The true key to success is consistency. Like in all things, we get good at what we practice. 


What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

In the most general terms, Pilates is considered full body strength training, with a particular focus on core strength (the muscles that support your spine). Pilates also works to correct poor posture and muscle imbalances. Pilates focuses on how you move from point A to point B with efficiency and sound mechanics. Yoga focuses primarily on flexibility and joint opening through holding fixed poses. Both are fabulous and considered mind body disciplines. Some people even say the focus with Pilates is “inside out” and yoga is “outside in.”

What happens in a Pilates Session? And WHAT DO I WEAR?

Your private session will typically start with an assessment and check in with your Teacher and then move into a spinal warm up as well as other warm up activities, followed by leg, abdominal, back, arm and chest exercises. All exercises incorporate core strengthening in some fashion. During a Pilates workout, your core muscles are always activated. You will work on a variety of Pilates equipment throughout each class/session. Our goal is to teach you more about your unique body and also help you mine the best version of yourself. You’re a gem, and we want to help you find your sparkle. 


We love fashion as much as the next person, but chic is not key for your session. The important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable to move in. Form fitting is helpful for your teacher as they want to see your form, but your comfort is paramount. You’ll be standing, sitting and lying down so loose shorts, and skirts are discouraged.